HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography is one of the highest forms of photography at the moment. A camera, no matter how expensive, has limitations in it’s capabilities to produce an image. The most advanced cameras with the most sophisticated software and technology inside still struggle to produce still images that match the human eye’s capabilities. HDR Photography is one method that currently bridges the gap between a cameras limitation and the human eye’s extraordinary abilities.

The concept is this: Instead of taking one photo of a certain scene, you take several at varying brightnesses or exposures. Most cases three images are taken: a very dark image to show off the bright points in an image such as views outside a window, a mid range image for balance, and a very bright image to lighten up darker areas of the image such as adjoining hallways or rooms where the camera flash can’t light it up on it’s own. Below you’ll find an example of how an HDR image is produced. The top three images are all blended together to create the final image on the bottom. It’s also interesting to note that the top middle image, which is the mid range image, is what our competitors would have delivered to you as their final image. The results are clear here, HDR is the only way to go with real estate photography.

The Ultra-Wide Angle Difference

In our gallery of before and after photos you will see both the photo the agent had on the MLS and then the photo we provided. Our professional equipment captures over six times more of a room than the standard digital camera most agents use!

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A recent survey found that when professional photography was used on a real estate listing the perceived value of the home went up almost 13% and was three times more likely to sell! We'll help you sell your listings faster and for top dollar!

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