Statistically, over 90% of today’s homebuyer’s will start their home search online.
Therefore, it’s essential to vividly capture your home photographically in the most professional manner possible. Persuasive photography is the most critical element of an aggressive marketing strategy.

Next Steps For Your Photo Shoot

For best results, we always recommend hiring a home stager but as a minimum please prepare the rooms/areas as follows. Please try to complete as many of these as possible.

• Clear driveway and curb of all vehicles and trash bins.
• Vacuum the carpets.
• Make the beds.
• Open the curtains.
• Clear the kitchen and bathroom countertops.
• De-clutter each room.
• Ensure rooms are free of extraneous objects such as: boxes, cleaning supplies, loose cords, trash, etc.
• Replace any burned out lights.
• Remove excess furniture from all rooms.
• Groom the lawn and gardens.
• De-clutter outside areas. Remove lawnmowers, garden tools, toys, etc.
• Straighten porch, deck and screened porch furniture.
• Clean the bathroom mirrors and shower doors. Remove towels, washcloths, floor mats, etc.
• Remove all visible waste bins.
• Clean the surfaces of all appliances.
• Present pool areas in the best light, if applicable.
• Have the exterior of the home pressure washed.

Please Note:
It is not required that anyone be present for the photo shoot. Our photographers can gain entry via your agent’s lockbox if one is present.

The Ultra-Wide Angle Difference

In our gallery of before and after photos you will see both the photo the agent had on the MLS and then the photo we provided. Our professional equipment captures over six times more of a room than the standard digital camera most agents use!

Sell Your Listings Faster & For Top $

A recent survey found that when professional photography was used on a real estate listing the perceived value of the home went up almost 13% and was three times more likely to sell! We'll help you sell your listings faster and for top dollar!

More Showings Guaranteed


Agents who use our services receive at least a 50% increase in their showing activity, on average. More showing activity means more chances for your listings to move from active to SOLD! We guarantee that you'll find the same results!